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(Official) Assam Govt Holiday List 2023 - PDF Download

Assam Govt Holiday List 2023 (Official) - PDF Download:

The Official Holiday List of the Assam Government has been released for the year 2023. The Govt. of Assam has recently published the Holiday List which can download in PDF format from the official website (gad.assam.gov.in). The Holiday List of Assam Govt consists of all public holidays i.e. Half Holiday, Restricted Holidays etc.

Assam Govt Holiday List 2023 Overview:

Name of List: Assam Govt Holiday List

Year: 2023

Issuing Authority: General Administration Department (GAD), Govt. of Assam

Govt Name: Government of Assam

Date of Issue: 23rd November 2022

The holiday list is an official announcement of festivals and other events, all government institutions including schools, colleges, offices, etc under Govt. of Assam will remain closed or half closed on the day of the official holiday.

Official Assam Holiday List 2023:

DayDateFestival or Occasion
SundayJanuary 15Magh Bihu
MondayJanuary 16Magh Bihu &
Tusu Puja
MondayJanuary 23Netaji Subhas Chandra
Bose Jayanti
TuesdayJanuary 24Gwther Bathou San
ThursdayJanuary 26Republic Day
TuesdayJanuary 31Me-Dam-Me-Phi
SundayFebruary 5Bir Chilarai Divas
TuesdayMarch 7Dol Jatra
FridayApril 7Good Friday
FridayApril 14Bohag Bihu
SaturdayApril 15Bohag Bihu
SundayApril 16Bohag Bihu
ThursdayApril 20Tithi of Damodardeva
FridayApril 21Sati Sadhani Divas
SaturdayApril 22Id-Ul-Fitr
MondayMay 01May Day
FridayMay 05Buddha Purnima
MondayJune 05Janmotsav of Sri
Sri Madhabdeva
ThursdayJune 29Id-Uz-Zuha
TuesdayAugust 15Independence Day
FridayAugust 18Tithi of Srimatna Sankardev
SundayAugust 27Karam Puja
MondaySeptember 04Tithi of Sri Sri Madhabdeva
WednesdaySeptember 06Janmastomi
MondaySeptember 25Janmotsav of Srimanta Sankardeva
MondayOctober 02Birthday of Mahatma Gandhi
WednesdayOctober 18Kati Bihu
SaturdayOctober 21Durga Puja
SundayOctober 22Durga Puja
MondayOctober 23Durga Puja
TuesdayOctober 24Bijoya Dashomi
SundayNovember 12Kali Puja & Diwali
WednesdayNovember 15Bhatri Dwitiya
SundayNovember 19Chhat Puja
FridayNovember 24Lachit Divas
MondayNovember 27Guru Nanak's Birthday
SaturdayDecember 02Asom Divas (Su-Ka-Pha-Divas)
MondayDecember 25Christmas

Note: These Holidays will not be automatically applicable to the Educational Institutions, Medical/Engineering Colleges unless they adopt the list but it is desirable that the number of holidays may be decreased for Educational Institutions, Medical/Engineering Colleges etc. and they will adopt academic calendars decreasing the number of holidays.

Download Assam Holiday List 2023

Holiday List 2023 PDF: Click Here
Holiday List 2022 PDF: Link I || Link II

Official Website gad.assam.gov.in