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NCERT Alternative Academic Calendar 2020 for Class 9 and 10: Release Due To COVID-19 Lockdown

NCERT Alternative Academic Calendar 2020 for Secondary Class 9 and 10 can download in pdf as the Union Minister of HRD Ramesh Pokhriyal 'Nishank' on Saturday released the alternative NCERT academic calendar for classes 9 and 10. The alternative academic calendar has been developed by the National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT) under the guidance of the MHRD.

NCERT Alternative Academic Calendar 2020 - Details:

(a) This calendar includes not only generic guidelines and subject specific activities, but also detailed material on the use of different technological and social media tools as well as strategies for reducing stress and anxiety in the present time.

(b) This guideline also contains activities related to art education and health and physical education. It also includes reference of many learning resources along with textbooks.

(c) This calendar is flexible and suggestive. The teachers can implement this taking into consideration the contexts and needs of the State/UT. 

(d) This calendar has been developed by the faculty members of all the constituent units of the NCERT including NIE, CIET, PSSCIVE and all the five RIEs using online platforms such as WhatsApp, Google Hang-out, Zoom, etc., for discussion and feedback. Their hard work is commendable.

General Guidelines for Implementing Weekly Plan:

• In case Internet is not available at a student’s home, teachers can explain to the students/parents about each activity over the phone, through SMS and voice recorded messages. Teachers must continuously ensure that the activity has been conducted, through a follow-up later.

• In case of availability of Internet and active WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Hangout, Google Mail, telegram, the teacher can forward the guidelines to parents or even students with a brief explanation.

• Clear and sufficient verbal and visual instructions are to be given by teachers/parents so that all children, including Children with Special needs, are able to follow the activities suggested.

• Chapter wise e-content is available on the e-pathshala, NROER and DIKSHA portal of Government of India; these may be made use of.

Transactional Strategies:

(1) More focus should be on helping students becoming self-learners.

(2) Teachers may form WhatsApp groups/Microsoft Teams for different classes. Instead of directly providing the resources to students, this can be done as per the need of the content.

(3) For any concept/topic the teacher in the group may ask students to go through a particular portion of the chapter after which he/she may initiate a discussion related to that portion and ask students to deliberate on that. This may help teachers to know students’ thought process or approach towards a problem.

(4) The teachers may highlight only important points during the discussion and rest of the work may be done by students themselves. The teacher may intervene only when necessary. They may provide the link of the available resources which can help in clarifying the doubts of the students.

(5) As in the regular classroom, the teachers facilitate learners to understand the concepts by involving them in certain activities in groups, similarly, they may form subgroups on Whatsapp or Telegram involving different students. Each group may be assigned different tasks and they may be asked to revert.

Download Alternative Academic Calendar released by NCERT:


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