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VidyaDaan 2.0 on Diksha App - Launched Indian Govt to Strengthen E-Learning content of CBSE, NCERT

VidyaDaan 2.0 on Diksha App - Launched Indian Govt to Strengthen E-Learning content of CBSE, NCERT:

During coronavirus lockdown, Govt of India has launched a national program VidyaDaan 2.0 on April 22, 2020, for inviting e-learning Content contributions, due to the increasing need for good quality digital content. VidyaDaan is a program of the nation, for the nation and by the nation to ensure continuity of quality learning.

HRD Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal says on his Twitter page: "Vidyadan is a common national program to develop and contribute to e-learning content and a chance to create recognition at the national level".

About VidyaDaan Programme:
The Union HRD Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal has launched the VidyaDaan programme recognizing the growing requirement for e-learning content for students (both school and higher education). He informed that VidyaDaan has a content contribution tool that provides a structured interface for the contributors to register and contribute different types of content like as, explanation videos, presentations, competency-based items, quizzes etc.), for any class (from I to XII), for any subject as specified by the states/UTs.

Who can contribute to VidyaDaan App?
Contributions can be made by educationists, subject experts, schools, colleges, Universities, Institutes, government and non-government organizations, individuals, etc. Contributors can contribute a variety of e-learning content in the form of explanatory videos, animations, teaching videos, lesson plans, assessments and question banks in the prescribed format.

For more information about the process of enrollment and contribution through Vidyadan 2.0, you can visit https://vdn.diksha.gov.in or Go to https://diksha.gov.in and click on Vidyadaan.